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    Hi, I'm Mark Hammond, and you'll be working directly with me on your loan. I've been lending since 1994, and because I'm a mortgage broker, I have far more loan options, lower interest rates, and lower fees than banks and credit unions. And boy, am I faster!

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Relationships Matter

We have sustained for many years close relationships with the best lenders in the country and therefore cannot be beaten in our mortgage rates and fees, especially by banks.  Whether you want to prequalify for a new home, refinance the one you’re in, or develop as a real estate investor, we are the very best ally you could ever have.  Well connected?  Definitely!  And a great reputation and thousands of satisfied clients.  Be the next one.  Simply make contact with us now so you can see what it’s like to receive Legendary Service and attention.

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Salt Lake City, UT 84117
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